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FICPA or Financial Responsibility Information Center was established in 1978 by an Act of Congress, to disseminate information and knowledge about finance and accounting. The main functions are to inform the public about tax credits and incentives for those companies which provide services like: debt, mortgage, tax, retirement and health, consumer protection and personal liability insurance. Today, they also provide assistance to persons claiming unfair tax deductions or who feel they have been the victim of fraud, or identity theft, or any other kind of tax controversy. Their web site has valuable tools and resources for staying informed about your tax rights and options. They can be reached toll free at (800) 5OTH-OVH.Tax Assistance in Tampa

It is our firm belief that the single most effective way to help taxpayers who are having a difficult time paying their taxes due to their own financial mismanagement is to give them access to the expert advice of Certified Public Accountants, (CPA). CPA’s have the necessary experience to assist taxpayers with filing their federal income tax returns, preparing the necessary reports and information, and answering questions from taxpayers who are having a tough time understanding the complex tax code. CPA’s can provide sound tax advice and also offer other important services such as financial planning, tax planning for families and individuals, or in some cases; negotiating a payment plan with the IRS for delinquent taxes. Other services that might be available through a certified public accountant include tax resolution and relief, estate planning, and planning for college education and retirement funds.

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An overwhelming majority of Floridians never think about how they will pay their income tax unless it becomes very serious. In reality over half the population pays their taxes without even considering what they will do if the IRS comes knocking on their front door. Because the income tax is the cornerstone of the American economy an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Educate yourself about Florida tax relief options and always be prepared so you won’t end up behind the eight ball when the IRS comes calling.

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