Understanding the Personal Injury Claim Process

Over 95% of personal injury cases in the US settle through negotiation while less than 5% go to trial. It is important to understand the personal injury claim process.

The Negotiation Personal Injury Claims Process vs. the Court Process

The negotiation process is easier than the court process. It also involves privacy. The negotiation process will take only a few weeks. On the other hand,the court process can take more than one year.

Negotiation facilitates timely justice. Actually,delayed justice is just as bad as injustice. The injured party will require compensation on time so that to quickly pay the accumulated medical bills.

Negotiation Process

  • The lawyer will take time to understand the situation of an individual.

  • An attorney will carry out background research and investigations to collect all the evidence.

  • Finally,the legal practitioner will initiate contact with the insurance company in question with the intention of starting the negotiation process.

The Other Party Can be Adamant and Refuse to Negotiate

If the defendant does not want to negotiate,the option of last resort will be the court option. This will involve:

  • Preparing the case

  • Filing it in court

  • Case mention date

  • Litigation

  • Case determination

Professional Assistance is Required During the Personal Injury Claim Process

The injured worker will need professional help during the claims process. A car accident attorney will help in the following ways:

  • A lawyer will guide a client every step of the way. The professional will determine the best course of action.

  • The attorney will represent the injured individual during the negotiation or court process.

  • A professional will handle all the communications.

  • The lawyer will carry out research and investigations.

The Bottom Line

Personal injury is common. There will be the need for compensation if the injury is substantial and it is the product of the negligence of another person.

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